5+ Mind-Blowing Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

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5+ Mind-Blowing Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Sabtu, 27 Juni 2020

5+ Mind-Blowing Eclectic Interior Design Ideas

Eclectic style has been widely used as a courageous shift in interior design because it allows you to mix various things together rather than sticking to one style only. However, if not done properly, you will end up with a chaotic interior. Here are 10 mind-blowing eclectic interior design ideas that can give a good vibe to your home.

1. Choosing a Color Scheme is Important

2. Create Your Very Personal Gallery

3. Create a Centerpiece

4. Let’s Play with Textures

5. Get Rid of The Clutter

6. The Canvas of Your Imagination

7. Stick to The Blue

8. Hold Them Together

9. Accent Wall for Eclectic Style

10. The Fusion of Eras

Don’t mistake eclectic interior design for anything-that-you-like style. Although you can mix colors, shapes, and textures together, it doesn’t mean you can feel free to cram as much furniture as you can. Don’t forget that less is more.