8 Breakfast Nooks

8 Breakfast Nooks

Now that the holidays are in the rear view, our focus turns to getting our homes back in order and our families back into a normal routine. One way we try and regroup and connect is breakfast together before we all go our separate ways. And even when that doesn’t happen, our breakfast nooks get major use throughout the day. Homework station, craft hub, late night cereal hangout, the perfect place to read your morning paper. A well designed breakfast nook tends to become a family favorite. On top of loving the utilitarian function of the space we also love to design them. We’ve found almost every good breakfast nook has three things, a great chandelier, a space appropriate table and an eclectic mix of seating. Picking paint color, upholstery fabrics, wall art and all other details are thought through after the main pieces are solidified to strike the perfect balance of comfort and polish.

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