Golden rules for cooking a Christmas goose

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Golden rules for cooking a Christmas goose

Selasa, 14 Januari 2020

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If you’re opting for this alternative, darker meat for your festive centrepiece this year, make sure you’re clued up with our top tips on cooking the perfect Christmas goose.

Although many of us associate a traditional Christmas dinner with a roast turkey, Christmas goose is becoming a more popular option amongst families and chefs alike. Its tasty, darker meat yields the most wonderful rich gravy and let’s not forget the unbeatable crispiness of those golden potatoes roasted in goose fat.
Have a read through our expert advice for when it comes to – you guessed it – roasting your way to a glorious dinner.
Golden rules for cooking a Christmas goose

What’s the best way to roast a goose?
Roast the bird in a pre-heated oven 200ºC/ 180ºC fan / gas 6. It’s best to do this on a rack above a roasting tray, so you can catch the fat and juices during the cooking process, for using in the gravy, later.
For a bird of around 4kg (total weight once stuffed), cook for about 2 hours 45 minutes. Cover the bird with foil for about half the cooking time. Then, uncover to allow the skin to become golden and crisp.
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